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Term of Sales Policy

**Please Read The Term of  Sales Policy Before Purchasing Any Animal.**

By making an official deposit you accept to our Term of Sales Policy in its entirety

All Sales Are Final!

This Term of Sales Policy applies to ALL  goats for sale.

We reserve the right as breeders to retain any kids born on our farm. We also reserve the right to refuse any sale. 


A  half down NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is require to hold any animal listed for sale. 

 The pick up time and or shipping arrangements must be negotiated and agreed upon. 

 If goat not picked up when agreed upon it will be  considered a canceled order and the deposit along with any monies paid will be forfeited.

If you cancel the purchasing of any goat  after agreeing to buy,  it will be  considered a canceled order and will forfeit the deposit along with any monies paid.


The deposit is non transferable unless goat is no longer available.

In addition to the purchase price of the animal, buyer is responsible for all shipping  expenses.

Kids that are reserved prior to birth, will pay the price listed on the Breeding schedule.

Prices on non-reserved kids may be adjusted after kids hit the ground, after animals have been evaluated.

When multiple animals are purchased at the same time we will determine whether a discount will be given.

No promises.

The prices of all stock depend on lineage, confirmation, and potential.


After Leaving Our Farm

If an animal was sold with visible illnesses or defects and the buyer openly stated that they would still like to buy the animal with the illness or defect we are not responsible for any problems that might arise with the sold animal or with any animal that may become sick from the animal once the sold animal has left our property. If an animal does not fit in well with your herd for any reason from fighting or just being an annoyance, or anything else, we are not responsible for any damage the animal may cause on the buyer's farm and we will not buy the animal back or give a refund. Once the animal has left our farm it is no longer ours and we are not responsible for it's actions. 


We do not accept responsibility for a goat that does not meet your expectations at maturity. There are no guarantees of potential. Each of us accepts that risk with every goat, or other animal, we purchase.


Notice*** Once the buyer (or buyers transport) takes possession of the goat all health and safety risks transfer to the buyers responsibility.

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