2019 Breeding Schedule 

Pricing ( depending on pedigree)

Does start at $400 on up

Bucklings $300 on up

Pet Wethers $175 for 1 and $350 for a pair

Please contact us to be put on the reservation list

(No Deposit Required)


Due/Delivery Date

Olson Acres DYR Morning Dew


Breezy Farm Magic To Do



Dreahook DV Glaucodot


Sinai Thunder J Martha


Sinai Thunder O Dippn'theRiver *B



1 Doeling Lori

1 Doeling Available

 1 Buckling Available


Sinai Thunder O Dippn'theRiver *B *S


Breezy  Farms Hello Darlin *B



2 Bucklings

1 Sold

1 Available


1 Buckling Sold

Blue eyes 

Meadowmist MT Ticket to Ride *B




3 doelings

Chocolate and white-Dawn

Chocolate -Retain

1 Deceased


Sterling Stone

Lady Hermae

4 Gen


ERSA Acres Rosie Girl


Sandy C Ranch

Winston Churchill

6 Gen



Mini Nubian

5th Gen kids

1 blue eyed Buckling sold

1 Buckling Available

Breezy  Farms Hello Darlin *B



2 Bucklings - Sold

1 Doeling Sold

Meadowmist MT Lavani


Breezy  Farms Hello Darlin *B



3 Doelings

1 Sold - Dawn

2 - Retained for now

MP Farms P Pepper Pot


Olson Acres @ERSA DW x CT Sassy


Holland Havens Rose


Breezy  Farms Hello Darlin *B


Olson Acres Simon

Olson Acres @ERSA CC/DW Watson



1 Buckling - Sold

Due Date

1 Buckling - Sold 

1 Doeling - Sold Heidi

1 Doeling -Retained

1 Doeling available

1 Buckling - Retained

2 doelings Available

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